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WDC Convention Speakers

SPEAKERS, TOPICS & CE (14 Hours Available Total)

    Dr. Michelle Drover The Transformational Power of Possibility/Demystifying Disney 3 CE
    Dr. Jeanne Ohm Great Expectations 2 CE
    Dr. Anna Villarreal Protecting Your Practice and Yourself
    Dr. Tina Dukic Managing and Growing a Multi-Discplinary Practice
    Dr. Susan Pontack Metagenics 2 CE
    Teresa Calamita Maximizing Wealth for Chiropractors
    Dr. Lacey Book Marketing Fundamentals / Mindset Strategies 3 CE
    Dr. Danielle Finden Hands on Adjusting 2 CE
    Dr. Jill Shaw Healing the WDC
    Nicole Cowley Decoding Online Real Estate and SM
    Dr. Jen Rozenhart Why People Think Men Are Better in Practice
    Dr. Jessica Harden Clarity Amongst Chaos
    Dr. Satya Sardonicus The Neuroscience of Chronic Stress & Resilience/ Resilience Reset 3 CE
    Dr. Amy Spoelstra Understanding your Role in neurodevelopment disorders
    Dr. Monika Bueger Movement, Methylation & the Mind / Neurobiology 3 CE
    Dr. Pam Jarboe Creating Care Plans with Certainty 2 CE
    Dr. Bobby Doscher History of Women in Chiropractic 1 CE
    Dr. Gina Sirchio- Lotus Gender Bias within Healthcare 2 CE
    Dr. Stephanie Rozenhart Associates and Associateships
    Dr. Theresa Hartley The Opiod Epidemic
    Dr. Amanda Apfelblat Million Dollar Marketing Strategies


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