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WDC Convention Speakers

SPEAKERS, TOPICS & CE (14 Hours Available Total)

    Dr. Michelle Drover The Transformational Power of Possibility/Demystifying Disney 3 CE
    Dr. Jeanne Ohm Great Expectations 2 CE
    Dr. Anna Villarreal Protecting Your Practice and Yourself
    Dr. Tina Dukic Managing and Growing a Multi-Discplinary Practice
    Dr. Susan Pontack Metagenics 2 CE
    Teresa Calamita Maximizing Wealth for Chiropractors
    Dr. Lacey Book Marketing Fundamentals / Mindset Strategies 3 CE
    Dr. Danielle Finden Hands on Adjusting 2 CE
    Dr. Jill Shaw Healing the WDC
    Nicole Cowley Decoding Online Real Estate and SM
    Dr. Jen Rozenhart Why People Think Men Are Better in Practice
    Dr. Jessica Harden Embracing NOW: Keys to loving the great and tough seasons
    Dr. Satya Sardonicus The Neuroscience of Chronic Stress & Resilience/ Resilience Reset 3 CE
    Dr. Amy Spoelstra Understanding your Role in neurodevelopment disorders
    Dr. Monika Bueger Movement, Methylation & the Mind / Neurobiology 3 CE
    Dr. Pam Jarboe Creating Care Plans with Certainty 2 CE
    Dr. Bobby Doscher History of Women in Chiropractic 1 CE

    Dr. Stephanie Rozenhart Associates and Associateships
    Dr. Theresa Hartley The Opiod Epidemic
    Dr. Amanda Apfelblat Million Dollar Marketing Strategies


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