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100 Chiropractors Who Care

100 Chiropractors Who Care is a group of 100 chiropractors who want to make an impact on the chiropractic community. The idea is simple. Each member will donate $1000 per year. This donation translates to $100,000 per year that will allow our Women Chiropractic Non-Profit Organization 501(C)3 to support causes and charities related to chiropractic. 

We are committed to helping and supporting

  • Re-entry and New Graduate program
  • Mentorship Program 
  • Good Samaritan/Endowment Fund
  • Mission Trip support
  • Chiropractic Global Campaign

This strategy is efficient and effective. It gives you an opportunity to make a significant impact on the community without taking up all of your time and resources. It is so simple; it is brilliant. It is so powerful. 100 Chiropractors Who Care members will be able to recommend/nominate and vote for where the awards will be dispersed. The Women Chiropractic Board has a committee of passionate volunteers who are dedicating their time and talents to make a difference in the community. If you would like to be considered an ambassador please indicate your interest on the Commitment Form when submitting your information. 

Our Goal is to make a positive impact on our community & connect like-minded women chiropractors who want to see a change and impact the chiropractic profession using an efficient and effective philanthropic strategy.  

Get Involved

100 Chiropractors Who Care requires filling a commitment form below. Membership enables you and your company to network with other like-minded chiropractors while making a significant impact on the chiropractic community, in a powerful, simple and efficient way. Spread the word…we’re always looking for new DC's and their friends to join in this extraordinary effort! Just click the link below to sign up.

                                                                                                                     100 Chiropractors + $1000 = $100,000 Global Impact!          


Contact Us:

   8500 N. Canton Center Rd.  
   Canton, MI 48187
   (872) 802-1924

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