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MI (MAC) - Sept 28-30, Dearborn, MI

Unified Virginia Chiro Assoc - Sept 28-30, Norfolk, VA

Alaska Chiro Society - Oct 4-7, Anchorage, Alaska

Illinois Chiro Society - Oct 5-7, Naperville, IL

NY Chiro Council - Oct 12-14, Tarrytown, NY

Assoc of New Jersey Chiro - Oct 13-14, New Brunswick, NJ

Indiana- Claudia Anrig Oct 20-12 Indianapolis,

Iowa Chiro Society - Oct 20-21, Des Moines, IA

OH State Chiro Assoc - Oct 26-28, Columbus, OH

FL (FCS) - Nov 3-4, St. Petersburg, FL

MI (MAC) - Express Convention - Nov 17-18, Mt. Pleasant, MI


MI (MAC) - April 26-28, Kalamazoo, MI

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I wanted to share this resource with you all. As of 2016, the field of chiropractic is 92% white (US Census Bureau). In comparison, the MD medical field is 68.2% white (US Census Bureau). Though most in our profession want to be allies to people of color, they can sometimes cause further damage by not understanding the experience of being a person of color in a majority white space. Often this can come in the form of minimizing or denying that the experience of a person of color is different than that of a white peer. Catrice M. Jackson has some great and empowering programs to help white women allies understand how to best support people of color. As uncomfortable as it can be to look inside ourselves and address our own potentially racist beliefs or actions, it is much more damaging to those people of color to experience them. It is our responsibility as physicians, healers, and women to ensure we are doing our best to not do harm to our clients, colleagues, and employees. I believe our sisterhood has the capacity, grace, and empathy to make a difference and lead the field of chiropractic towards equity and inclusion. If you are a white woman ally I encourage you to take Catrice Jackson’s 30 day training or weekend intensive so you can better stand with us!


Rise Up: Chiropractic for the Female DC

Logan College


 ยท Hosted by Emily Hurley Baumann

    Anyone in clinic practice - no matter what the style or technique needs to be here - Jo Davison and Steve Davison have revolutionised our business and given ideas that were way beyond comprehension, until I stopped and thought about them - then they were a no-brainer! Get tickets and see for yourself - an amazing day or 2 to really think outside the box! Animals, people, chiro, physio or any others - all geared to you!

    Neurology Diplomate


    Neuro Organization Technique- AU
Epic Impact in San Diego

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