Connecting compassionate, confident, charitable and courageous chiropractors!

Women chiropractors is a Non Profit Organization launched from a collective dream
of female chiropractors around the world. We are an inclusive, multi-generational gathering of Chiropractic women.
           We are most excited about helping women chiropractors, across the globe, to achieve their purpose and goals in life, defined by their definition of success

WE believe everybody has a story and a unique purpose. Our WDC community offers education and support that empowers all women chiropractors in technique, human resources, philosophy and life skills. Our goal is to help you connect  to a sisterhood that supports YOU as you turn your purpose into action. TOGETHER we are committed to keeping our minds and hearts open, elevating women chiropractors and students by encouraging growth and igniting the change we all want to see in the world.

WE are so grateful you are here. Because TOGETHER is better.

“Sisterhood” definition -
state of kinship, the sense of women being in solidarity with each other

Chiropractically yours,

                      The Board of Women Chiropractors

Contact Us:

   8500 N. Canton Center Rd.  
   Canton, MI 48187
   (872) 802-1924

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