As WDC has grown so has our Vendor experience.  With experience comes knowledge and we now know what kind(s) of vendors we want as part of WDC.

We want vendors who represent and share the same high level of standards we have.  Not just a a vendor that  pays lip service so they can reach our members trying to sell us something.  We judge who they are by what they do, not by what they say.

ChiroSecure Malpractice Insurance is that kind of vendor and we feel they deserve your support.

Dr. Stu Hoffman, Founder and President of ChiroSecure Malpractice insurance is the foremost expert on the everyday challenges risk management plays in the chiropractic office.  Understanding the public perception of chiropractic, informed consent and the high risk patient has made ChiroSecure the fastest growing Malpractice Insurance Program of the last 27 years.

Most importantly, ChiroSecure is a perfect example of doing not just saying.  With the first Live Facebook Show by and for Women, and a stellar record of insuring so many of our members, ChiroSecure represents exactly what we think a malpractice insurance company should be.

Be on the look out for great contributions by ChiroSecure on our Facebook page.

Whenever the question comes up who should your malpractice carrier be, we think your first choice should be the company that has proven they support women, WDC, the chiropractic profession and hold the same high level standard we do and that company is ChiroSecure.

ChiroSecure has created a very special resource for any of us that are not already insured with ChiroSecure that make the switch.  You can learn about it by visiting:

You can even get a Quick Quote to see what you will potentially save with ChiroSecure when you go to the page.  

Definitely check it out!

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